Useful Information


In accordance with Local Authority guidelines, pupils are admitted to the Unit following recommendations by the ‘Placement Panel’ meeting held at the Education Office.  The Units then hold an admission panel with parents and agencies to ensure that all needs identified in the statement of educational needs can be met.


Annual Reviews

Parents and agencies are invited to the school to discuss their child’s development, progress and future targets.


General Aims of the Special Needs and Autistic Unit

  • It is the aim of each teacher to ensure that pupils develop to their full potential.
  • To provide a specially modified sequential curriculum (Equals) designed for each pupils individual needs.
  • Regular assessments and target setting.
  • Good home school links with an open policy for parents.
  • To foster social inclusion.
  • To encourage and develop self help skills and independence for living.
  • To provide augmentative communication systems.
  • To link with agencies as needed e.g. Family Support, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists.
  • Adopt an holistic approach to each child’s development.



The ‘Equals curriculum’ provides a cross curricular approach encompassing the six areas of learning, through thematic teaching

¨ Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

¨ Personal and Social Development

¨ Mathematical Development

¨ Physical Development

¨ Creative Development

¨ Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Pupils are taught through the medium of Welsh where and when appropriate as agreed by parents.  The ‘Cwricwlwm Cymreig’ is integral to school life.

All pupils have experience of Religious education embracing the multi-cultural society in which we live.  It provides opportunities to explore individual thought and appreciation of the natural world.

In school, collective worship is non denominational in character.  Festivals are celebrated.

Music plays an important part of every school day.