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Specialist Provision

We endeavour to provide our children with child centred, rounded experiences.  Listed below are some of the specialist provisions we provide for learners at Myrddin Special Needs and Autismtic Unit: 

¨ Alternative communication systems

¨ Input from specialist teachers e.g. HI/VI and music

¨ Specialist adaptations for access to ICT curriculum

¨ Multi sensory curriculum and environments e.g. white room, U/V room, soft play room,         indoor sensory garden and therapy area

¨ Physiotherapy monitored by specialist physiotherapist

¨ Hydrotherapy at local hospital and school jacuzzi

¨ Access to Rebound therapy

¨ Sensory Integration Therapy

¨ Adapted outdoor play environment

¨ School minibus for social inclusion

¨ Weekly swimming sessions when appropriate at the local leisure centre

¨ Horse riding

¨ Skiing