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Dosbarth Tywi

Dosbarth Tywi caters largely for children aged between five and eight years old.  Children based within this class have access to both the Equals and Foundation Phase curriculums and follow individual programmes that will cater for their specific needs.  The children learn through practical, hands on experiences with the emphasis on making learning fun.  Programmes such as Read, Write, Inc. are introduced within Dosbarth Tywi to support the children’s phonological awareness and their language development.  As with all classes within the unit, there is a high staff to pupil ratio ensuring that children’s individual needs are met. The children have the opportunity to visit places of interest in the locality to extend their learning experiences outside the school and to develop their communication skills in a variety of settings.  There is lots of learning and laughter to be had in Dosbarth Tywi.     

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