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Myrddin Unit

Myrddin School has two sites, upper school building houses our Special Needs Unit.  This section of our website contains information related to the Special Unit classes of Myrddin School.  

The Unit is located within walking distance of Carmarthen town centre.  The Unit was established in 1975 on the same campus as Myrddin County Primary School.  The Headteacher Mr. Parker has responsibility for the main school and the Special Needs Unit.

Myrddin Special Needs Unit caters for pupils with profound and severe learning difficulties aged 3 to 11.  In 1999 an Autistic Unit was added to the school providing places for pupils aged 3 to 11 on the ASD continuum.

Pupils are taught in three SLD/PMLD classes according to their age, or in one Austistic class.  Each class has one teacher, an NNEB and several support staff (as dictated by the needs of the learners).  Opportunities are available for inclusion with the Myrddin mainstream school.

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